With so many companies offering great rates it is tough to choose the best one. All the companies claim to have the lowest rates, great customer service and more discounts than their competitors.

Get a quote - One of the ways to know about the best company is to request a quote from the company. All that you would have to do to get a quote is to fill a form with all the information pertaining to the type of car that you own, driving history and some personal information. Once this is submitted the company will send you a quote.

Discounts - You must make sure to contact every automobile insurance company and ask the discounts that you are eligible for. Companies generally offer good discounts on anti-theft devices, low mileage, automatic bill pay, paperless billing, and more. This depends on the company and you must enquire about the discounts. This will enable you to save up on a lot of money.

Comparison shopping - Also, there are multiple quote sites that do not require you to go to the website of every individual insurance company. You can just go to these multiple quote sites and enter the information as required. Based on the amount of coverage that you need you will then receive the quotes of all the companies at one go. This will make it easier to do comparison shopping. You will also be able to get the rates faster and choose a policy within a few minutes.

Handling claims - While selecting an insurance company you should also look into how the company handles the claims. This is another of the important points to be considered while looking for quotes. Check the company's reputation in this regard. With a proper clams process it will not be a hassle to get the money due to you.

Customer service - Customer service is another factor that you must look into. The best insurance companies will have great customer service. There will always be helpful representatives to answer your queries.

Financial stability - Enquire about the financial stability of the company. This way you can know if the company can pay the claims in the event of an accident. You can gain more insight about the companies by checking online.

Company ratings - Apart from checking out the reviews you can also note the best car insurance rates of the company. There are surveys conducted that gather the opinions of the customers and rate the companies. Companies are rated on the basis of prices, overall experience, customer services, policy offers, and payments. Five stars is the maximum rate that is awarded.

As there are companies galore offering you the best rates, it is important that you do good research. Look up the company in the web to know more. This way you can be sure that the company will be able to meet the claims and also provide good customer service. The auto insurance companies are competing to offer you the best deal. You should make use of this to your advantage and secure the best deal for your car.